Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I haven't got to sew this month . . .

I have been working away on my friend's baby quilt, but other than that, I haven't got to much sewing this month. Do you want to see why?

Owen is climbing on top of all kinds of fun things.
Owen is into everything. Finding toothbrushes, pairs of shoes and a full set of anything these days is a challenge. He LOVES to relocate things.
And he loves OUTSIDE.
Can we go out NOW, Mom?
And he's realized there's a BIG world out there that he wants to see.
Not to mention all sorts of exciting things to explore in the house.
And then the call of outside again.

Keeping this little boy safe is a full time job these days. Not to mention the other three kids who need to be kicked off Netflix, sent into the back yard, helped with puppets and playdoh and forced to clean up themselves and their assorted messes . . . sigh. Parenthood is good and glorious and hard. Just as it should be, I suppose.

But sewing has to go on the backburner until we can regularly find two matching shoes again . . .


  1. Cute pictures! There will be plenty of time for sewing when the kids are bigger... Enjoy them while you can.

  2. Awesome. Owen looks like loads of fun.