Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello, there!

Hello, everyone! Long time no chat.

The long and short of my lengthy delay is that my husband got a job in June! This was fabulous, but it had been years since he had been working 40 hrs a week. The last time he had a regular day-ish job, we were in Saskatchewan, and Owen was not even born yet! So, my days are busier.

And then at night there was knitting. And 7 seasons of Dr Who to catch up on. And laundry for four people to fold. And my job to keep up on. Also Facebook (for work, of course - I have all those teenagers to keep track of ). Oh, and this thing called sleep.

In any case, I miss this space, and I think I might have the time to dust it off and start blogging again.

See you soon!