Saturday, June 22, 2013

Everything is on Hold (or Why Now?)

Hello, friends!

It appears that my blogging has virtually stopped. This is in fact the case - my sewing, photographing and blog reading have all stopped at present, actually. Two reasons:

1. Summer. Busy Toddlers. Boys out of School. Soccer. No Uber Fancy Mobile Device. Nuff Said.

2. You know how summer is the season of accidents? Well, my husband was in a motorcycle accidents last week. He will be fine. In 5 weeks or so. Right now he is laid up on a bororwed recliner, nursing a broken collar bone and 5 broken ribs. This means bed time (usually a joint endeavor) goes on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Especially after soccer games that end at 8, an hour after Emma's bed time. That I have to take her to.

In any case, the husband is on the mend. In a week or so, once we establish that it is NOT okay to lock yourself, the keys and the computer in the bedroom when you get your computer time taken away and sort out other little details like that, things will calm down on the kid front. And then maybe I'll be back here.

In the mean time, have a fun summer, everyone!


  1. Oh noooooo. My oldest son did the very same thing a few years ago....minus the broken ribs. It is horrible to have to sit and watch them heal. I had to go hide in my sewing space and make a "broken bones" quilt. Granted, I didn't have little ones underfoot as well. You will be in my prayers friend.

  2. Oh love. I feel for you . Good luck

  3. oh my. That's not good at all. I hope he heals quickly and you manage to hold onto your sanity with the kid front.

  4. Oh my goodness! Good luck and lots of patience to you! I hope you can find ways to carve a little time for yourself while you are taking care of everyone.

  5. hi! i really feel for you! you'll make it, but in the meantime... i also have 3 (think i understood correctly) little ones & it's crazy at bedtime. hope it all gets better soon! hugs! :)

  6. Oh Jill, I really hope Dave mends well! In the meantime, I wish you well with all the business of parenting 4 pretty much solo "hugs"

  7. Ouch! I feel for you. Hang in there! Sometimes i feel that a mom's vacation starts in september when the kids are back in school and routine is restored.
    Take care.