Thursday, July 25, 2013

Turtle-Like Progress

I've been working a bit more on this quilt these days - these Half Square Triangles are not trimmed yet, nor are the blocks sewn together, but they are getting there.

Part of the reason for the slowness is that my sewing is slowly spreading all over the house, since Dave's recliner is right in front of my sewing area. Now I'm taking over the kitchen table at night, and stashing my supplies all over the house during the day, since climbing toddlers + irons and rotary cutters is not a smart combination.
As you can see, just about everything else in our house is migrating upwards these days, too.

I have been slowly stitching and cutting and pressing these block units, a little chain here, another chain there. A little trimming and pressing at night when all the tiny fingers are tucked into bed. My goal is to have all the blocks done by the end of the month.

Its funny, because I want to make some floor pillows next, and I've been agonizing over what type to make. I have a giant bean bag chair in the shed that we took out of the boys' room, as it was eating the entire floor. I was thinking of using the beads in it to make three or four of these:
The funny thing is that I was reading through the pattern, and thinking, "Wow, there are 30 separate pieces to stitch together in each pouf. If I made four, that would be 120 seams. I don't know if I can sew that many seams.

And then I went off to chain piece some more quilt units. And realized that I had way more than 120 seams in the 8 quilt blocks I was working on. And then I felt a little silly.

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