Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School's In!

After a summer full of a little of this (that would be us getting off the Metro):

And  a lot of this:
An possibly even more of this:
And a bit of:
And a lot of:
And even more:
And quite a few batches of:
And a little bit of:
And more than enough of this for my taste:
And plenty of:

. . . . we have finally made it to the first day of school. Summer with four busy children. What a ride that was.

After this touching scene of "quick, run on the bus before Mom hugs us in front of people or can take photos for her blog"

I returned to the relatively quiet world of the two littlest ones.
Oh, don't worry mom. We'll be sure to keep you busy for the next ten months . . .

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