Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Folks Bed Quilt Progress

So, egged on by the my precious quilt-along , and the super hot summer, I have begun work again on a quilt for my bed. Right now I only have a feather duvet, and I like to have something laying on top of me while I sleep (children don't count).

 I had one block for this quilt cut out and partially sewn together about a year ago, but then I stalled. I liked the one block, but the thought of cutting up all my Good Folks fabric (a now discontinued line of gorgeous fabrics) was unbearable. And without some sort of design wall, how could I know which fabrics would need to go where in the quilt? It was a quandry, so I stopped. 

Now that I have my "design wall" in place, right between the change table and the desk in my bedroom (there is a bed in there too, I swear), I felt confident cutting into the fabric and putting the blocks together. Once these giant blocks are cut out, they are not that difficult to sew together, and I have been making good progress on the sewing over the last two weeks:

These blocks are big - 24.5" finished. That means that the entire quilt contains nine blocks, plus a border. It is the prefect size to fully display these really large scale prints. The amazing thing about this line is that these prints look gorgeous in full meter lengths as clothes and quilt backs, but they also cut apart well for patchwork. I especially like how the top right pattern looks when cut and pieced (don't remember its name, sorry).

I have 5 blocks sewn now (didn't get a photo of the fifth one - it was too cloudy today), and four left to sew. At that point, I think I will stitch them together and set them aside until I get a couple of other projects completed, and until two of the four children are back at school in September. I have a very small sewing space in the middle of the living room, and I can just imagine the "hilarious" pranks Aaron would think up if I left a giant quilt half-quilted on the desk in the living room . ..

I'm sure I"ll come back to it soon, though, because I just can't wait to get this finished and in use.

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  1. Looks great and the really large scale works well!