Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Crafternoon and A Kitty Shirt

I had a lovely crafternoon with my friend Valerie , who is a knitter, yesterday. She gave me a knitting lesson and I gave her some advice on a lovely fall quilt she is putting together.  She taught me how to make a skien of wool into a ball.

This is the lovely, chunky wool I'm using for hats for Aaron and Owen:
Valerie also taught me how to make an i-cord and knit on the front and back of a stitch, so I can knit this little hat .
I'm almost done Emma's little kitty hat. I have about 2 inches left to knit, then I just need to stitch the top together. Emma loves it and she's super excited to get it. I have had some trouble with this hat - it is supposed to have a regular seed-ish type pattern, but I've had trouble keeping track of the rows all the time, so its not quite perfect. I may have also added or lost some stitches here and there. Such is learning to knit with small kids around.
I also discovered that Emma is at that age where I can no longer keep her on my lap while I'm reading blogs without consequences. I was reading wee wonderfuls and Emma saw the kitty shirt Hilary made for her daughter.

Emma immediately wanted a kitty shirt, too. I had just picked up some fabric pastels, so I could actually make her a kitty shirt.
 Its not pink and sparkly, but it is pink - with brown and red spots, as requested by my customer.
Its not perfect, but Emma loves it. You can tell, because it was in the laundry about 2 hours after I finished it. Fun times, these days at home.

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