Sunday, September 9, 2012

Progress Report: Fab Little Quilt Swap and UFO

When we last saw this quilt, it was just a few green blocks and a bunch of blue fabric. But I have been chipping away bit by bit, cutting and pinning and pressing and cutting some more here and there throughout my days until I ended up with this:
After a few adjustments, I pieced it all together to get this lovely little quilt-let. I know, the hills don't match up as well as they did before it was stitched together, but I've decided that is part of the quilt's charm. It has finished up at about 12 x 18.

I went to baste it so I could quilt it, only to realize that I couldn't find any safety pins.

 That was when I remembered that I had used them all to baste the Threads Together UFO (UnFinishedObject) that has been rolled up, stuffed between my sewing desk and shelves for a good two or three months now. So, it is being quickly quilted in my very tight sewing space in order to harvest the pins. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I go to quilt a big or heavy quilt. I suspect I'm going to have to set up at the kitchen table. In any case, this quilt is going to be quilted with my walking foot in organic lines.

Since I have aquired a new quilting helper who likes to randomly lunge forward and grab at the quilt, despite having neither the balance nor core muscles to catch himself,  they are going to be VERY organic lines.

The Fab Little Quilt will be free motion quilted in cloud-ish and sky-ish and grass-ish patterns. And yes, I'm sure those are technical quilting descriptions somewhere. Really.

There is much back-to-schooling around here, but as back-to-schooling takes a lot of energy I shall save that for another night.

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