Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything is in Progress These Days . . .

It seems like everything here is always in progress. Some examples: Knitted hat - one ear flap and some blanket stitch left to go:
Kitchen table - never completely cleared of stuff:
Threads Together Quilt: binding stitched on one side only
Laundry: never ever ever ever finished
Kitchen floor: inevitably spilled on 10 seconds after mopping is complete.
Sigh. And that doesn't even begin on children and myself . . .

What's in progress at your house?


  1. Ha! My house is the same. So many projects. All.The.Time. But the house I grew up in was like that too and I remember my childhood so fondly with all the goings on it forever had. My husband grew up in a very clean and orderly house and was always he was afraid to make a mess :(. So I think it's a good thing :) (or that's what I keep telling myself)

    1. Exactly - as Tom Hodgkinson says in "The Idle Parent", "Happy mess is better than miserable tidiness"