Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fab Little Quilt Received!

The very same day that I sent out my Fab Little Quilt, the postman knocked on my door and passed me a parcel (I do wonder what he thinks of all my squishy envalopes somedays). Inside it was this terribly exciting little quilt!
Cindy made this quilt just for me - like, really for me. She read and asked about and thought through my discussion about deconstruction and reconstruction and my love of all things cute a whimsical, and worked way, way outside of her normal quilting box to produce the amazing little quilt you see above.

Cindy sent me a note to say that the four little birds are my children, and the orange bird is the mama - me! What a lovely sentiment. All the special details and care put into this quilt made me a little weepy on the day that I got it, frankly. I was having a hard day, and this quilt really perked me up.

But enough about me - back to this fabulous quilt:
This little quilt is so fun! The birds are all removable and pinned to the back with safety pins. They can tuck into the yarn covered nest (which is a pocket) or be pinned anywhere else on the quilt. Right now, on my wall, I have one bird out on the top branch and three in the nest.
These leaves are double sided and stitched carefully in place down the middle so that they are also three dimensional and look like "real" leaves.  The quilting is a lovely all over leafy pattern. Cindy is a professional long arm quilter, and it shows in this quilt. Finally, the label:
A little wink to my request for something deconstructed, and to her work playing with a collage-like sky and leafy background to the quilt!

If that wasn't enough, she send me a cute little card, three fat quarters (two of which are already in use, Cindy) and a magnetized notepad (right as I had been thinking, "I wish I had another magnetized notepad to write grocery lists on . . . )! They were all tied up with this cute little piece of bias tape which my daughter promptly stole.

This quilt is now hanging on my quilt wall, well out of reach of any little fingers that might want to swipe all those sweet birds! Thanks so much for this darling quilt, Cindy! Every time I see it I smile.


  1. Hurray! So very glad to finally return the favor. I feel the same way about "Crash". I love that you have "Crash" in your header.

  2. Hi Jill, what a great little quilt! I also love Emma dancing in her new hat!!