Saturday, February 23, 2013


 As promised last night, here are the penguins I was working on while reading blogs and watching "Skyfall". These penguins are for Aaron's "bestie" at school. He has been using the word "girlfriend", but I suggested that he was perhaps too young for that term to really be appropriate. Ahem.
 In any case, it is his friend's birthday party today, and when we asked her parents what she likes, the list included penguins. Well, I remembered that there was a cute penguin tutorial up at the purl bee, and the idea for these penguins was born. Aaron loves crazy, wacky stuff, so he wanted the penguins to be multi-coloured and silly. I decided she needed a pair. 

A sweet girl penguin with a soft pink tummy and heart wings:
And a crazy multi-coloured boy with a striped tummy - I love the fact that the tummy looks just like those old fashioned swimming costumes.
 These were really quick and fun, and I'm sure more will appear in our house soon. Is it permisable to make winter animals for Easter baskets?

In any case, we sadly say goodbye to these penguins, who are now wrapped up in a shoebox, eagerly awaiting their new home.


  1. Love them!

    As to winter animals in an Easter basket...why not?! You could always make them a funny Easter bunny disguise....rabbit ear head band.

  2. Those are just the cutest flipping things I've ever seen.