Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilt for my Mom - finished and sent

Although this quilt made it into my list of to-do quilts, I forgot to show you the finished quilt, as I finished it in the midst of my Madrona Road Challenge madness. As you can see, I photographed it on a cloudy day in mid-January, so my apologies for the grey photos. That's what the light was doing, so I just went with it.

My Mom was born in the 1930's and her childhood was mostly in the '40s, so I wanted to make a quilt that used some fabrics that would remind her of that time period. Since she also loves dogs and children,  I wanted to include those in the quilt somehow too. She has always liked blue and red and wears mostly those colours. I wanted this quilt to feel a little bit like it had been made from clothes from her wardrobe, even though it wasn't. I went with a simple pattern of squares, as I knew she would appreciate this as much as something more complicated - she does not sew much and is not crafty.

 I get my creative, colourful bug from my Dad and his parents, who were very creative people. My Mom is  very strong and active, and played hockey into her 60's, so we don't really have the same gifts.
My Mom also loves elephants, so I had to add them somehow. When I went to visit her in October I noticed that pretty much everything in her apartment is blue and beige, so I decided to make the back to match that. The quilt is tied for simplicity, and I like the drape it gives the fabric. Also I was a bit burnt out on quilting (ahem - I can't think of why) so I wanted to tie this one.
My favorite print is the big flowers, which I beleive is from Urban Chick's Sweet collection. I also like the girl of a swing, and the classic Lotus dots in this quilt. It is not really "my" colours, but I had to include some splashy prints as it was made by me.

Here is is all folded up and ready to go. I mailed this out at the same time as my Doll Quilt, and it fortuitously arrived yesterday - on Valentines day!

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  1. One of my favorite quilts you have made Jill - I love the choice of fabrics and colours - jealous of your Mom (can you believe it?)