Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playing with curves

I wanted to get a start on my Fab Little Quilt idea - I always start right away and end up working until the last minute. I know that life, especially back to school stuff, will get in the middle of me finishing this quiltie quickly, so I wanted to check that my idea was even realistic as soon as possible.

I am not sewing precise, straight curves. Instead I've opted to stack all my fabrics for the block on top of each other and cut the curves freehand. This allows me a little more freedom to sew with children on my lap / climbing up my chair / pushing the reverse button without going completely crazy because I'm trying to be extra precise.

 These are not the fabrics for my final Fab Little Quilt - these are from my kitchen decorating stash, and I think these blocks are going to become a tea cozy or a table runner. We'll see how many I feel like making.

I also like the movement and energy brought to the blocks by the wonkiness of the finished curves. These blocks are a little addicting to sew together, I must say. Every time I walk through my house and see my little design wall, I want to stop and sew another row onto a block. There goes my run of keeping up with the dishes and sweeping.Ah well, I'm sure the dirt will still be there when I get back.

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  1. Jill, where can I order that flower fabric (the turquoise with white?) - that would be a perfect addition of a project I'm working on for Livie