Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Sewing and Some Planning

I have been getting little snatches of sewing in here and there. Enough to get this done:

Its not a full quilt top yet, but at least the blocks are finished. I still need to figure out a border - I'm wonderng wether to do something more traditional or break out a little bit and be more "modern". My last two or three quilts have all had variation on the make-the-leftovers-into-rectangles border. I'm not sure I want to do the same thing again. So I'm thinking about what else I could do that would match with this quilt. I'll get back to you with some options later. The other thing that is on is the Fab Little Quilt Swap 2. We got our partner information, and I am thinking of a few initial options, with the assistance of my little helper:
My partner had  pretty broad requirements and lots of variety in her mosaic, so I'm thinking of a few different ideas. One is based on a block in the newish book by the Fat Quarterly gang: Shape Workshop for quilters:
The other would contain little improv scrap blocks with a border of 1" squares for added spiffiness.  On the side, you can also see a bit of an idea for free pieced echinacia or black eyed susans, which are everywhere in Montreal right now. But the composition is not terribly exciting, so I'm leaning away from that one.
We shall see. Whatever I choose, I want to work primarily from my scrap basket, which is full of fun, bright prints right now (and about to overflow).

I'm having a little trouble just picking up and sewing in little bits and pieces these days, as every time I turn around, my sewing machine has been occupied. I didn't realize they were the 99% . . . 


  1. I can't get over his hair!! I thought I had hairy babies :) as an aside did you have heartburn?

  2. I love the almost quilt top - well done!