Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a Stay At Home Mom Does All Day

Before I was a Mom, I used to think being a stay-at-home mom was lame. Because, seriously, why were they so frumpy and frantic all the time? What did they actually do all day? Sometimes, despite years of doing this, I still wonder the same thing - what did I actually do today? The house looks the same (messy) as when I started. The children are no smarter or better behaved than they were yesterday, so what exactly occupied my day and made me feel so frumpy and frantic today?

So, here is what I actually did today:

Changed diapers x 12
Breastfed baby x 8
Scooped baby up before he got sat on / stepped on / poked in the eye x 8
Confiscated a stick / toy / pillow / object being used dangerously x 10
Cleaned up broken glass 
Emptied and filled the dishwasher x 2
Got snacks x3
Filled sippy cups x6
Cleaned up spills x 4
Opened bananas x 4
Asked children to get food off my bed and go back to the kitchen while I fed the baby x 5
Swept the floor x3
Made breakfast
Cleaned up after breakfast
Made tea x 3
Made coffee
Got all the kids in the van to go to the park
Watched Emma go down the slide x 5
Listened to Andrew complain about his sore ankle (it was actually sore today) x 50
Listened to Andrew tell me the plot of some tv show or computer game x 5
Listened to Andrew describe a story he was drawing in his book
Explained to Aaron that if he insists on breaking the ends off the pencils, he won't have a pencil next time he looks for one in my bag
Explained to Aaron that if he makes everyone mad, he will then have no one to play with x 100
Made a quick, early exit from the park when a certain monkey boy started causing mischeif
Prepared lunch
Ate lunch on a blanket in the yard
Cleaned up after lunch
Washed pots (left from last night)
Put on stories for quiet time
Asked children to stop messing around with the speakers during stories
Took photos for future blog posts
Pulled fabric for Fab Mini Quilt
Put children in a time out x 15
Broke up fights x 25
Asked someone to be kind and stop calling their siblings names x 25
Got out playdoh when tempers flared
Sent children back to the kitchen with playdoh when they wanted to bring it on my bed while I fed the baby.
Taught Emma how to use a rolling pin
Picked playdoh out of Lego guy legs and metal truck tires
Cleaned playdoh off floor and table
Tidied trains or Legos x 5
Checked Flikr or Google Reader x3
Put the baby down for a nap x 8
Actually got the baby to sleep without interruption x 2
Cleaned Emma's face x 6
Changed Emma's clothes x 3
Helped upstairs neighbour find rocks for repotting a plant
Rescued pot and rocks from Aaron
Stopped Emma from collecting more rocks
Shooed cat out of sandbox
Cleaned sand off the trampoline x2
Read Tintin while supper was made (yay barbeque season!)
Ate supper
Helped baby back to sleep x 3
Put toddler to bed
Helped toddler back to sleep x 2
Made sure boys' teeth were brushed
Chased monkey boy back to bed x 4
Cleaned up dishes.
Ate a snack.
Wrote blog post.
Messed around with fabric for Fab Quilt swap
Brushed teeth
Went to bed.


  1. sounds really dumb, but I kind of miss those days. Enjoy them!

  2. it made me laugh out loud. because it is so nice to hear about another mom doing mom stuff. :)