Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dress up sewing!

Those of you who know me in real life or have been reading for a while, know that I love making dress up clothes. My friend Sarina asked me to make a Link costume for her son for Christmas, and of course I said yes!

When we went to get fabric, we found this fun shiny jersy that looks like chain mail. We got some for Sarina's costume, but I also picked up a couple of metres for my boys. This was my test run on my guestimated pattern (as her son is the same age and size as Aaron). Aaron's tunic is just chain mail - it is supposed to have two arms, but when I only had one finished, Aaron decided that it was way cooler in a rock star way (I guess rock stars wear asymetrical clothing?) with just one sleeve, so here is his one sleeved chain mail. 

Its funny, because when I look at these, all I see is that string on the sleeve that I didn't clip yet.
A few nights ago I got the real costume cut out and today, while Emma and Owen both napped for 2 hrs, I got it stitched together. There was enough fabric to make Sarina's toddler girl a Tinkerbell costume, too.
Now I have to make a hat and a belt. My first attempt at a hat is awesome, but too small:
It fits Owen perfectly, and has that great float-out-the-back effect.
I think that by just making it about an inch bigger, it will be perfect, too. I may have to make about four more of these hats for my kids because they are great dress up hats, and take about 6 min. to make.

This kind of sewing is so fun for me, and the results are always so satisfying. I really should make more dress up clothes.

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