Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh my Snow!

On Boxing Day, we left Montreal to go on a little trip to Southern Ontario to visit my in-laws. We caught the start of a snow storm that was working its way East at about 10pm. Fortunately for me, my husband did a lot of donuts and e-break sliding in his younger days (note to those in warmer climes: a donut is when you find an empty parking lot and purposely spin your car in circles, while an e-brake slide is when you pull your emergency brake so you can purposely slide on ice or fresh snow) so the snow didn't bother him.

In Southern Ontario they got a moderate snowfall, about 8 inches. In Montreal there was a lot more, apparently. We got home to lanes clogged with snow. We couldn't get into our front parking spot because the snow in front of our house looked like this:

So much for our plan of sneaking the kids into their beds without them waking up . . .  Christmas update and yearly round up, etc, etc. to follow sometime this week.

Happy New Years!

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  1. Burrrrrr!

    We had snow on Christmas day too, but nothing like yours.