Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Month of No Finishes

Um, yeah. I meant to finish three quilts in November. I also meant to post this blog post on about the third of December. But a few things happened:

A certain middle child's head went right through here, fortunately (?) hitting the wood and causing the glass to shatter away from said head.

Someone started eating with a vengence - every.thing.in.sight.
That same someone started moving just enough to cause constant sweeping to happen. Also all the post Halloween wrappers had to be searched out and disposed of before they got into this little mouth. Rubber boots - no problem, at least they're not chokey.

Hordes of dangerous undead legos kept taking over my sewing desk:
 And SOMEONE else decided to import a motorcycle from the US, which required a week of solo parenting from yours truly.
Not to mention a lovely visit I had to my friend Sharon's house, which was followed by a chest cold that knocked me out for the best part of a week. And that pretty much sums up November around here.

I did get ONE finish done. This little purse sized taggie blanket.
I was experimenting with a technique for making wonky four patches or patchwork strips that I might use in my free pieced quilt. I think its going to work out fine. And Owen approves of my experiment, too.

1 comment:

  1. So glad that glass was the only thing that broke.

    Enjoy these moments...they fly far too quickly. Soon enough you will have lots of time to quilt.