Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Because I know the suspense is killing you . . .

I thought I would show you these:

 Yes, in the nick of time, at 1:30 am, I finished these little guys, with the help of some Mad Men (season 5 is finally on Netflix - yay!), some embroidery floss and a little bit of fabric paint.

This is Owen's cute, bright little bunny (although they boys have decided he's actually Victor Frankenstein):
 Followed by Emma's sweet girly rabbit:
 Next is Andrew's zombie rabbit (known a Frankenstein):
 And lastly Aaron's weird bunny. Apparently I have to add a cape - not sure why.
I had so much fun making these - they were super easy and relatively quick.

Unfortunately, in order to get them done in time, the rest of the housework got put aside, so I've spent the last day and a half putting things back together. Whew!

Reminder to self: start Easter softies before Holy Week.

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  1. No kid ever grows up and says, "my mother should have cleaned more." Nope. They say, " My mom made cool toys for us!"