Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I did say I'd been busy . . .

I don't know if any of you work this way, but I tend to putter away on several projects all at the same time. This means that sometimes I look like I'm not really doing much - nothing is finished or I just have a bunch of fabric stacks drifting around the house. At other times, like this week, I get a lot finished and I look amazing. For a few days. Until mud season comes and all my times is taken up wiping the floor, washing 3 sets of clothes for everyone and yelling "Take your boots off! Well, carry them to the back door, then put them back on!" and "Turn the hose off, you're making the back yard into a mud hole!"

In any case, I ALSO finished these curtains this week:

 You see, we had blinds on these windows way back when our room was the boys' room. And while they boys room is pretty much finished and organized (except the closet) and Emma's room is pretty put together (have I ever showed you Emma's room? I don't think I have since I was painting a year a ago), our room has just been left. The walls are this awesome green colour, but that is as far as we got in decorating / organizing our own space.
So, we had these Ikea blinds on the windows. They did a tolerable job of blocking out the light of our busy street. But then Aaron discovered that they were only stapled onto the rolling thing (sigh). And that was the end of the blinds. Since then we've had fabric held up with thumb tacks over the windows. They did a less tolerable job of blocking the lights and the would get pulled off all the time and thumb tacks would end up strewn about our bed.

So I send Dave to Ikea to buy new blinds, but they were discontinued, and he couldn't decide on a pair of curtains. And then I saw this Joel Dewberry fabric, which is very William Morris-y in the best way, and I decided that it would be perfect. And so it came in the mail. And sat while we got brackets. And sat while I decided how best to make curtains. And then sat half-made when we changed out mind. And then sat some more because, well, I hate sewing all those straight seams and I can never get them straight and then the curtains are crooked and SOME people feel the need to complain.

Now that spring is here, I couldn't put small children to sleep in my room anymore because it was too light. So curtains had to be finished. And there were Craftsy Quilt Con Lectures to listen to anyway. So now they are finished (a bit crooked - I won't tell if you don't). And now I can sleep at night. Remind me of why it took me so long to finish five straight seams again?


  1. See I love sewing straight seams. I love making curtains. My friends are moving back to Quebec in June. Is there anything you need from Aus?

  2. It looks great to me! Well done.