Monday, April 8, 2013

The sun is finally out, and the snow is melted in front of our house, but not yet in our dark bottom-of-the-hill-surrounded-by-duplexes back yard. Last Thursday (also garbage day - my apologies)Emma and Aaron decided to try out their new Spring box of sidwalk chalk.
They spent a while tracing each other on the sidewalk and drawing on the side of the house.

I love watching these two play together. People often laud the benefits of having kids really close together so that they will play. But Emma and Aaron, at almost three years difference, are the fartherst apart of all my kids.

When we first moved to Montreal, though, they were the two kids that went off to daycare together, and stayed home with Dad together. This means that they have spent a lot of time together.
Now that Aaron is in school, they don't see each other as much, so it is always a joy to watch them re-connect and play together. Their play is very visceral and physical and involves lots of jumping, dancing, and running. This little girl LOVES her big brother and is always happy to have his undivided attention.
Sometimes I feel guilty for all the quiet home time with Mom that they missed. I feel bad that their early childhoods were so full of upheaval - moves, job changes, changes in caregivers.
But I am glad for this beautiful relationship and bond it has created between these two siblings.
I really hope they can carry this closeness with them through life. What a blessing and gift that would be for both of them.

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  1. Don't worry about what you have already done....they seem great together. God will use it and bless them by it.

    My two oldest were like that too. They were best of friends when they were preschoolers.