Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Leftovers

Oh dear! It seems I've left these photos languishing in an unfinished blog post for far too long! I did squeeze in a few handmade gifts for my kids this year despite all the craziness the fall and early winter brought us. I had promised a little handmade something for each of the three older kids, confident (as usual) that I would have no problem whipping up a little last minute magic. Well, the magic eluded me. Two days before Christmas my sewing desk looked like this:

It was this doll, you see. She is gorgeous. And very handstitched. The arms and legs must be hand sewn in place, and the hair must be hand stitched (tightly) onto her head. She was worth the effort, but more time consuming than I had expected (she is the Kit, Chloe and Louise Doll from wee wonderfuls - the pattern is sheer genius as always, and I can't wait to make the clothes).
So, here I am at 2am on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to finish these ninjas. Unfortunately, Owen was getting teeth, and I had Christmas dinner to make and lego to put together the following day, so they arrived in the boys' stockings without stuffing. My boys were NOT impressed, but also not suprised.

Because Emma is younger, I did finish her doll's face. She was originally going to have buns, but Emma likes the ponytails and wouldn't let me tie them up. Her name is Bebe, which makes her the grown up version of Emma's favorite baby doll - Bebe.
I love making these ninjas, from a pattern by melly and me. I made some of these last year for Easter and they were a big hit with the boys. So much so that they requested a second set.
The red ninja got finished and wrapped up for my nephew. He was much coveted by my neice (who got paints and paper dolls) and so this red ninja will probably have a sparring partner by April at the latest.

These green and blue ninjas were for my boys:
 As you can see, they are very sneaky, and enjoy Christmas oranges as much as the next softie (possibly they are from the Mandarin province?)
 And of course they also like a good sparring match in their battle ring (possibly the real reason they were so eager to finish off those oranges?).
And here is a glamour shot of Bebe. Isn't she sweet? I think she needs a dress for valentines day.

So, there is a (very late) round up of my Christmas sewing.

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