Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swearing Ensued . . .

Oh, it was one of those weekends. The kind where you try to get projects done and nothing works.

I have been trying to finish this Madrona Road quilt, and it has been making me a little crazy. I'm not big on lots of negative space, but I decided to play around with it so I could work with the idea of the blocks being fragmented, like the text in the text print.

In practice, what this means is puzzling lots of different blocks together with lots of solid fabric strips and squares. These were my blocks, all finished and ready to be pieced together on Saturday night, after a day preparing for and then running a birthday party (great timing, I know).

I got all the white strips and squares cut out and placed them on my flannel-backed tablecloth that I had laid out on the floor as a design wall. I started stitching them together, with high hopes I could get them finished that night. At around 12am I was about half way there and thought I might be able to finish by 1am. And then Emma woke up. Then Owen woke up. Then Emma woke up AGAIN. It was now about 1:30, and I knew I wasn't going to get the quilt done. So I picked up the tablecloth to move the quilt pieces out of the middle of my floor, so it didn't get trampled in the morning . . . and they all fell off the tablecloth.

As you can imagine, there was some cursing. I had about 25 white strips and squares of various lengths (unmarked, of course, because I was in a hurry) drifting across the dark floor.

Well, I went to bed. I put the finished parts and the blocks on my design wall in my bedroom so they didn't get wrinkled beyond repair, and left the rest on a pile. I didn't have the heart to put them back together until Sunday night. On Tuesday, I took advantage of the cold snap and the fact that Emma was pretty content after having friends over in the morning and I finally finished the quilt top:

Its small, but its done and right now that's what matters. Now on to some quilting......