Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Longer a Lone Wolf

I am super excited that tomorrow is the first sew-in that I'm going to attend with the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild! I don't think I've ever done anything like this before. In case you're wondering, the white plastic bit in the middle of my photo is the removable front plate / hidden drawer / bobbin cover on my sewing machine. Due to some rough treatment, it no longer stays on my machine, and had to be packed with the presser foot and power bar.
This is my bag before I put in the flannel backed table cloth and rulers, plus my mini ironing board and my sewing machine (recently "decorated" with stickers again. sigh). It was super fun to swap out the diapers and spare pants and underwear (for one baby and one potty training girl) and sketch books and mini dinosoars (for distractions in check outs / line ups / church / meetings) for all my sewing and quilting stuff. I was impressed because all of the things in the above photo including my iron are tucked away in there.

I didn't say I would bring an iron / ironing board, but I'm going to be free piecing, and when I'm free piecing I use my iron about every 5 minutes, so I thought I would bring my own rather than hog the communal iron.

As I said on Flikr, when I'm free piecing its cut, sew, iron, cut, sew, iron, rip apart, repeat.

Hopefully I'll actually remember to do a post-meeting update this time. The last time I went it was great to meet everyone and see all their fantastic creativity, but I had Owen with me and he insisted on talking the whole time, so I was a little embarrassed. It was super fun, none the less. This time I'm going baby free (Dave is valiantly taking on all four kids for a few hours by himself) so I should be a little more relaxed.