Monday, January 14, 2013

If you are a contact over in Flikr, you know already that I'm working on the Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Challenge right now. If you finish your quilt by the end of the month, there's a chance it can go to QuiltCon. I think that would be cool if my quilt could go, since I can't, so I've been using my small bits of spare time to work on this challenge. We received 6 or so 1/8th yards of fabric from the blue/yellow colourway of a fabric line called Madrona Road.

Since I'm a wordy type of person, the first thing I did was read the text print. It is made up of fragments of what could be one or many stories told in fairy tale language. I decided that I wanted to do a quilt that did the same thing visually - took some of my favorite images from the text and made them into scenes.

Before I left for the sew-in on Saturday, I had this done:

And when I got back, I had this done:
As you can see, I was very busy in the four hours I was there. I am a pretty chatty, extroverted person, so I needed to talk with everyone and find out what they were doing. It was lots of fun getting to know everyone and watching all the different ways people work through a design. I was once more reminded that I need to learn French, as about half of the conversation went right by me (as is typical in Montreal, it was carried out alternately in English and French - sometimes people switching mid-comment from one language to the other). I do remember some French from highschool, though, so I tried hard to listen close and see what I could pick out.

 The other problem was that I didn't do the house roof the way sarah taught us during sarah and molly's free piecing study, as I didn't have enough blue fabric. Instead I messed around with the sides of the roof for about an hour sewing and un-picking and sewing and un-picking again.

When I came home and put my blocks up on my design wall again, Emma decided that SHE needed some houses too, so we cut up some scraps for her. I suggested we sew them together, but she thought that was a ridiculous idea - how will she play with them if they're sewed together?
Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I got home I decided that the blue fabric was too low contrast and I've ripped it off and started the roof over again. Silly, silly me.

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  1. These are darling! I need to finish my Madrona Road project!