Friday, March 15, 2013

Cause and Effect + Sleep Deprivation =

a day like today for my Kindergarten age son who was complaining of a sore tummy this morning. But it was Friday, and I thought he would probably shake it off soon, and so I harried him about eating breakfast and harried him about getting dressed and harried him about not packing his things and getting out the door quickly enough. And so he left with only thin gloves and no snowpants.

But I thought, "Well, if he's really sick they'll call and send him home at lunch time". and "Its not that cold, so he should be okay without his snowpants".

And I completely forgot that he was going on his FIRST field trip today, to a Maple Sugar Shack and I was supposed to send not just snow pants but extra socks and mittens for when his first pair got wet, as he would be out in the forest all day.

And he came home complaining that he was cold, and I realized he had been on his field trip and I had not sent the proper gear. And he said it was okay, that he had run around in the forest and had fun and not been cold at all at the time.

Then he felt sick, and he said that he had eaten an awful lot of maple toffee (maple syrup frozen in snow) and sausage and lots of other things and his stomach was kind of sore. And he was still cold.

And he lay on the couch half asleep wrapped up in blankets during movie night and didn't eat popcorn.

And I shortly discovered exactly what he had eaten at the Maple Sugar Shack as it all came back up all over the couch cushions (and then into the bucket I grabbed, because he is getting a little bit older).


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  1. Poor baby......i hope the experience doesn't turn him off maple syrup....and that he feel better very soon.