Thursday, March 21, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Spider Tea Cozy

Oops, did I forget to show you the tea cozy I started here?

This was inspired by a series of dark days and the Heather Ross itsy bitsy spider fabric. The curved piecing is the same method I used for this little quilt. As you can see, this is the rain-y side with the spider being washed out.
And this is the sunshine with the spider up the pipe. This has two layers of warmth inside, one flannel and one corduroy (because really, can you ever have too much corduroy? I think not.) and it really keeps the tea warm. It gives the cozy a nice weight and texture, without being too heavy.
I am planning on making more of these for my soon to come etsy store. I've promised myself I'm opening it at the end of March, even if I only have one thing to list. One thing is better than nothing, right?


  1. Your are starting your etsy store with an etsy spider?! Awesome.

  2. I love these! I like that the quilting changes for the sun beams and the rain. They are so, so cute!