Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I'm Working On . . .

I don't seem to be able to finish anything these days. Everything is in process, and I've been jumping from project to project. I can't seem to decide what is the most important - curtains for my front windows? baby quilt? etsy tea cozies? snuggly spring time pants (Emma grew out of one pair already before I could sew the second pair I had cut out)? I feel like I have serious craft ADD right now.
You can see from my stash that I've been busy - everything is pulled out and shoved back in wherever I found space. I haven't had a chance to organize since before Christmas, and I've done a fair number of scrappy projects since then. Somehow, though, I can never actually use SCRAPS for scrappy projects, and just end up cutting bits and pieces off of new pieces of fabric. A fat quarter tidy is going to be in order soon, so I can actually find things again.

 One of the reasons for the mess is these tea cozies, still in progress:

One side of one tea cozy left to stitch and cut and then I'll be able to put them all together.

I have about three lines of quilting left on the baby quilt, and then binding left to do on it. I have a few seams left on my curtains, but none of these things is the priority right now. After all, its Easter this week. And Easter means new softies:

The idea of penguins was tossed aside in favor of bunnies. Two cute, one weird and one zombie rabbit. Right now I'm happy to make weird / gross softies, because at least I'm still getting to make them. I"m sure I've only got another year or two of making softies for Andrew before he's too old, and he just wants money or itunes credits instead. How time marches on.

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  1. Elijah is right into the iTunes cards and money too *sigh*