Saturday, March 30, 2013

Distracted Blogging

When I look at my blog lately, I feel the need to apologize a bit. My blog kind of mirrors my real life conversations these days. When I think back to most of my conversations, I can't remember the end of them because, well, there hardly ever is an end.

Any of you who have children will know (or possibly remember or have blocked out?) what I mean. I am getting to know a Mom at the park and I'm asking how she met her husband and then our little girls run down the hill and we have to make sure they're not going on the street, or I'm telling someone about my latest craft project and then the baby starts screaming because someone took something away from him.

And you never seem to get back to the "so anyway, as I was saying . . . ". Instead you find yourself starting a new conversation because neither of you remembers what you were talking about before you had to find the playmobil viking helmet or decide who gets the piece of Lego that used to be part of Shelob's web mechanism two months ago . . .

In fact right now, the only reason I'm finishing this blog post is because I'm pretending that this isn't happening in the background:

In any case, all that to say - bear with me. I will get back to being able to complete a coherent sentence.  Or blog post, as the case may be.

1 comment:

  1. Yes you will, someday, and then you will begin to miss the chaos.